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Rupala should seek apology from Rajputs, says Manvendra Singh

Taking a strong stand against Rupala’s Rajput related statement, Manvendra Singh said that he should seek apology from community

The controversy over the statement of refuses to die down. Manvendra Singh, son of former BJP stalwart , who recently joined BJP from Congress, has asked Rupala to seek apology for his statements which have hurt the sentiments of community. 

Manvendra Singh, who belongs to Rajput community, said that senior people who are in public life, should not give such statement a which can hurt sentiments of any community. 

“I am aggrieved and astonished as to how a senior leader like Parshottam Rupala has uttered such words? How can he do such loose talks? This should be a challenge for us to mind language and should not utter words which can create disharmony in society,” Manvendra Singh said. 

Manvendra Singh said that the statement of Rupala has antagonised Rajput community and Rupala should come forward to pacify the community.  

“He is such a senior person. I don't know what was going in his mind? What was the need to say such things? He had come to our and delivered good speech. Now what has happened, he should clarify and seek apology. 

What Rupala said?

On March 22, Parshottam Rupala, who hails from Patidar community said; “Maharajas had given their daughters to foreign rulers and the British and broke bread with them while us Dalits neither gave up our religion nor made any relations with them, we are the true inheritors of Sanatan dharma.”

This has enraged the Rajput community across the country and Rajputs took oath to boycott BJP across the country. Rajputs also demanded BJP to replace Parshottam Rupala, who is contesting from Rajkot on BJP ticket.

Manvendra Singh is the first Rajput leader to criticise Rupala

Since March 22, when Rupala had delivered the controversial statement against Rajput, there had been widespread agitation against the union minister. However, no Rajput leader of BJP so far has criticised Rupala for his statement. They all have come forward to defend Rupala. 

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