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Settling Differences not score – Randhawa advises Gehlot to make the first move to settle differences with Pilot

By B S Reporter

Finally Rajasthan in charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa has entered the ring of fire. In an attempt to bring truce between the warring factions of and before the elections, he advised Gehlot to approach Pilot settle differences with him.

“Gehlot is head of the family. If there are differences with anyone, head of the family should go and settle it. Sachin Pilot is our leader. Gehlot is the biggest person in the party. Anyone who is head of the family should open dialogue to settle all the differences, he said.
He said that Gehlot is an experienced Congress campaigner as had distributed tickets in last Punjab elections.

“Gehlot owns larger than any one. He has been three time general secretary and three time chief minister. He is more experience in settling issues than anyone else,” Randhawa said.

He also reiterated the importance of Pilot in the party.

“He is our young leader. His father had been a true Congressman. No one in the party can be ignored,” he said.

Randhawa said that there is no permanent enemy in politics

. “In politics, yesterday's friend turns foe in future,” he said.

The statement of Randhawa has come when Sachin Pilot has sought strict action against party leaders who convened an unofficial of Congress legislators parallel to the official CLP meeting scheduled on September 25 last year. The resignation of PHED minister Mahesh Joshi from the post of chief whip has sparked discussions regarding a probable disciplinary action against UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal and RTDC chairman Dharmendra Rathore who were also named along with Joshi for leading the meeting.

No decision yet on disciplinary action

Randhawa said that the high command has not communicated about any disciplinary action against those three party leaders.

“If high command directs me to take any action, it will be implemented in 15 minutes. There is no faction ISMA in Congress. The party is United. Whatever complaints and differences are there, these will be removed

“Resignation of Mahesh Joshi is outcome of Udaipur declaration which that no person can hold more than one post. It should have been done much earlier The chief minister should have decided much earlier on this,” Randhawa said.

On Joshi's statement claiming his resignation to be the fall out of the incident of 25th September, Randhawa that there has been no communication from high command regarding this.
“Such statements are not called for. If he thinks that his resignation is the result of disciplinary action then high command has not communicated any thing regarding this,” he clarified adding that the order of high command will be implemented din 15 minutes.

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