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IAS Praveen Gupta hospitalised due to allergy, condition stable

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IAS , Electoral Officer of , has been admitted to SMS hospital on complaints of allergy and restlessness.

According to sources in the hospital, red spots have appeared on the skin of Gupta. In medical terms it is called urticaria allergy. It may be due to reaction of any drug. It is said that he had taken some to treat cold and cough and the drug reaction is may be to that medicine.

Praveen Gupta is being under the supervision of Dr Pradeep Mittal, senior professor of medicine. The superintendent of SMS hospital Dr Achal Sharma is also present and is monitoring the situation.

Gupta was first taken to the emergency. From where he was take to cardiac unit. His blood pressure, ECG and all his vitals were found normal. He has now been shifted to medical ICU for further investigation and treatment.

“There is nothing to worry. It's an allergic situation which may be due to some drugs. We are examining it,” said a doctor who is in the team of treating doctors.

IAS Praveen Gupta admitted second time in one month

This is for the second time in last one month that Gupta had to be taken to hospital. A month back, he was admitted to SMS hospital on complaints of hypoxia. That time he had suffered breathing problems after food particles entered in the wind pipe when he was having breakfast. That caused condition of hypoxia and he was immediately taken to hospital. However, he was discharged within two hours after he recovered at hospital.

Praveen Gupta, an IAS of 1995 batch, has been credited to have conducted elections in Rajasthan with an all-time record turnout of 75.45% He is said to have led the team single-handedly with technological intervention. Under his tenure, the poll was conducted peacefully barring few incidents of violence.

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