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Threat on IPL as government blocks RCA from stadium 

Rajasthan government and RCA have locked horns over RCA’s astronomical dues of ₹40 crore putting an uncertainty over holding IPL matches

Threat looms large over organising IPL matches in Jaipur amid deepening dispute between Rajasthan Sports Council (RSSC) and Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA).

RSSC manages the SMS stadium, where IPL matches are played and RCA, as a representative of BCCI facilitates conduct of cricket matches. 

As per the schedule, IPL matches are scheduled to be held in Jaipur on March 24, 28 and April 6. 

RSSC, the custodian of stadium has dispossess RCA from stadium, RCA office and hotel which are in the premises of stadium alleging long pending due of ₹ 40 crore which RCA has not paid to the RSSC on account of electricity bill and maintenance of stadium. 

RSSC had served several notices to RCA regarding dues. But RCA led by , son of former ignored those notices. 

Now that the regime is changed, the RSSC has taken cognisance of RCA's default and ‘sealed' the stadium for the cricket association.

Vaibhav Gehlot, president of RCA said that the has taken action unilaterally without giving us time to respond.

“We will move court to seek justice,” he said. 

Why RSSC chose February 23 for action

RCA had an agreement with RSSC regarding the use of stadium for cricketing purpose against a fixed payment and maintenance of stadium including electricity bill. The five-year term of the MoU which was last renewed on February 22, 2018 between the two bodies expired on February 22, 2024.

Since the MoU expired, RSSC swung  into action and barred any activity of a RCA since Friday evening. 

RCA vice president Shakti Singh Rathore said that RSSC is taking action as per the rules. 

“We don't have objection. But we want IPL matches to be organised in Jaipur whether r government does it or we do,” he said. 

During the evacuation of RCA officials from stadium, a large number of players from other sports swarmed the cricket pitch being curated by RCA for IPL matches. 

Rathore objected to that and said that there should not be any damage to the pitch. 

“IPL is an important event for the country. We need to organise this in the City to promote sports. Such unwarranted action will only damage the prospects,” Rathore said. 

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